6 – 9PM

Regulated Wild
Gerard Ortin

Seager Gallery, Distillery Tower, 2 Mill Lane, London SE8 4HP

14 – 23 June 2019
Fri – Sun / 12 - 6pm

Often the boundaries surrounding a forest, a mountain, a field, or even a nature reserve, are permeable and contingent, much like the terminology we use to designate them. Despite their contingency, these not always evident boundaries mark a distinction between what is in one place and what in another. They determine what lies inside and what is left outside of their delimitation, defining spaces which — given their nature or their distinct way of operating — behave to a greater or lesser degree as islands, despite not being literally isolated. They are often ecosystems that are threatened by the impact of human activity and that require assistance or intervention — ironically, also human — to conserve them and preserve their purity.

Text by Alexandra Laudo

With the support of London Archers