6 – 9PM

Sedimentary Soundscapes
Yen Chun Lin and Alois Yang

Enclave Lab, 50 Resolution Way, London SE8 4AL

14 – 23 June 2019
Fri – Sun / 12 – 6pm

Archaeologists have only recently included acoustics in their investigations, leading to the formation of the field of “archaeoacoustics”, as sound appears to be extremely relevant to the shaping of modes of living, political institutions and cultural formations. However, sound cannot be preserved and passed on to the future on its own; we cannot hear the unrecorded sound from the past, nor imagine the hearing experience of the future. Unlike other forms of trace, sound has to be captured by a mediating agent in order to be experienced. It is therefore fundamental to think sound in relation to materiality. Yet, there is a form in which matter presents itself that has a particular affinity with sound: dust. Slipping between the peripheries of tactile objects, but not yet falling into the microworld of atoms and molecules, dust is a nearly invisible matter that is always there. We breathe it in and out constantly. It is just above the threshold as a tangible substance.